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We combine forty-five years of experience with modern equipment, operational excellence, and technique to produce both innovative and high quality products.


Design for Manufacturing

Iconic and sophisticated design that marries perfectly with our Design For Manufacturing process to ensure your product not only looks great but can be made on budget and on time.

Alternative Materials

We offer a full range of bio, post consumer plastics, and rubbers to aid in making more responsible decisions for your project.


We live & breathe products and study a staggering sea of options to discover what makes the best of the best. We’re here to dust off and disrupt the antiquated manufacturing model and usher in a new, iconic era.

The History

In 1976, the foundation of what is now known as the ‘M4 Factory’ was founded by a toolmaker smitten with the American Dream. In 2014, that founder’s granddaughter – Patricia – left her high-ranking career with a Fortune 500 brand to take over the business and create the brand’s new ascent.

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Work with
the Factory

The M4 Factory is a carefully curated team of groundbreaking creators, makers, engineers, designers, and strategists devoted to excellence.

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