EXtruded vesseLS / NORMAN TEAGUE

Artist Residency / SUMMER 2023


Teague is a Chicago based designer and educator focused on projects and pedagogy that address the systematic complexity of urbanism and the culture of communities. Specializing in custom furniture that delivers a personal touch to a specific user topped unique aesthetic detail.

Teague’s past projects have included consumer products, public sculpture, performances, and specially designed retail spaces. Working with common, locally sourced building materials and local fabricators to create objects and spaces that explore simplicity, honesty, and cleverness and relates to the culture of the client and/or community.

Teague graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and had his first solo show at Blanc Gallery and has worked with them to highlight new emerging artists as well as the community as it is where Teague grew up so the connections were nostalgic to say the least.

Teague served as lead craftsman and co-founder of the Design Apprenticeship Program at the University of Chicago’s Arts Incubator. His retail ventures have included partnerships with KLEO Residences, Leaders1354, The Silver Room, The Exchange Cafe, DNA STL, Solange Knowles Saint Heron, Chicago Beyond, Hyde Park Art Center, Blanc Gallery, Chicago Park District, and South Shore Chamber of Commerce.


The artist residency at M4 is the opposite of the finely controlled precision of repeatable manufacturing that is the typical output for the factory.

At the onsite of my residency, I intended to produce very specific results, and I quickly realized it was going to be a very creative journey. Through experimentation I had to improvise my process and forgo my original plan and assumptions. In the end, the process had to be as creative as the end result.

I had to abandon control that is inherent in design, letting material lead process…that’s when it became FUN! Experimentation led to uncharted creative pathways, only uncovered by letting go of outcomes and expectations.”


Plastic is a beautiful medium and certainly should not be considered waste. My hope is that these pieces inspire everyone to recycle and repurpose plastic—the possibilities are endless.


These works are made of repurposed plastics and plastics machine purgers and are a critique Western extractivist practices in the Global South, where previously mined ore is returned as refuse. The colorful forms reference drawing from Bolga, as well as Agaseke Basket-weaving techniques. 

Works and Links

Website: https://www.normanteaguedesignstudios.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/normanteaguedesignstudios


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