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Recycled Acoustic Panel Material Study
Waste stream study on acoustic felt tiles and how to incorporate circular design thinking.
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New Material Kit Release features wood composites, combining the beautiful aesthetic of wood with the manufacturing efficiency of injection molding.
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And Repeat Pill Case
And Repeat believes your mental health journey should feel empowering, not embarrassing, and they are on a mission to make that change. Combining wellness and design, And Repeat elevates the experience of taking daily supplements.
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Terracycle Mixed Waste Material Study
New regenerative material added to the M4 Design Lab’s Material Library.
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Neoplants Shell Pot
Neoplants uses bioengineering and directed evolution to create the first plant built to fight air pollution—the Neo P1. The world’s most efficient natural air purification system, the Neo P1 is more effective than up to thirty of the most popular houseplants in capturing and recycling harmful VOCs from indoor air.
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Spikeball Weekender Redesign
Spikeball launched in 2008 with a mission to bring people together through competition and fun. The
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