In the famed motion picture The Graduate, a character bestowed a piece of advice to the lead, played by Dustin Hoffman, “the future is plastics.”

This slice of fiction became a booming reality years later. In 1976, the bones of what is now known as ‘M4 Factory’ was founded by a toolmaker smitten with the American Dream.

In 2014, that founder’s granddaughter – Patricia – left her high-ranking career with a Fortune 500 brand to take over the business and create the brand’s new ascent.


Her ambitious plan knits together high-class design, manufacturing prowess, ethical sustainability, and unparalleled product knowledge to shatter boundaries and create the first iconic “FACTORY” of design & manufacturing.

Today, the M4 Factory has a distinctive reputation among elite clientele such as Harley Davidson, L’Oréal, and General Motors as well as exciting, up and coming brands such as Spikeball and Bogobrush.

M4 Factory is known as the vanguard of sustainable product design & manufacturing, shaped by the innovation of Patricia’s leadership and discerning artistry. As one of the fastest-growing manufacturers in the US, M4 has been named to the Inc. 5000 list five years in a row.