Kory Beckman

Kory Beckman

Operations Director

Kory is a Proud Veteran United States Navy 90-98′. He has a B.S. from Illinois State – Integrated Manufacturing Systems – Polymer Sciences.  Also holds an MBA, MPM, MISM, HRGC  from Keller Graduate School of Management

Kory has been in the Plastics industry for 20 years he has experience in many processing methods including Injection Molding, Extrusion, Extrusion Blow Molding, Injection Stretch Blow Molding, ReHeat Stretch Blow Molding, Labeling, Shrink Sleeving, Lamination, Offset Printing, Direct Reverse Offset Printing, Duplex Lamination, Triplex Lamination Slitting, Flexographic Printing, Flexible Pouch Converting, Stamping, Die Cutting, and Assembly Line Automotive Manufacturing. 

Outside of work Kory enjoys hiking with his wife and spending time with their 5 children.

He has volunteered as a coach in Woodstock for 15 years for many organizations.   He has coached baseball, football, and softball. He is very proud to have won a few championships during his coaching tenure. 

He enjoys watching comedies and is known to quote movies in many instances. A few of his favorites are Tommy Boy, Billy Madison, and Buddy Games.

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