Our quartet of company culture standards:

People First

We pride ourselves on shattering the traditional manufacturing hierarchy and offering a modern workplace that puts humans first. Here, everyone has an equal seat and an equal voice.

Make MeaningfulLY

We are building a world full of sustainable, regenerative products that bring value, delight, and meaning to the lives of everyone involved. Our employees show up to work with hustle, heart, and passion – without using motivational band-aids to get through the day.

Communicate Purposefully

We maximize our collective potential by ensuring everyone – both internally and externally – understands what we believe in and the vision we’re building. We’re hopelessly devoted to transparency; and offer a full view behind the curtain to employees, customers, and the community at large.

Sustainable, Always

We believe in using every passionate measure to protect Mother Earth – taking consistent and conscious action to sustain and nurture the positive use of raw materials and resins. We also believe that there’s beauty in plastic that needs to be honored and appreciated in a responsible fashion by recycling, regrinding, and reusing in the most optimal way.