The House Residency

The House of M4 Artist Residency Program supports artists exploring the intersection of design, manufacturing, innovation, and sustainability.

We aim to foster creativity, facilitate dialogue, push boundaries, and explore possibility while upholding our values of a people-first culture, meaningful “making,” purposeful communication, and our “nice-to-earth” philosophy.

Previous Artists

Chehalis Hegner

Chehalis Deane Hegner

Chehalis Deane Hegner is a discipline fluid artist named in the 2018 and 2020 Julia Margaret Cameron Awards. She received the Gjion Mili Photography Prize in 2010 (Kosovo.) Her portraits have been featured in Christie’s and Phillips catalogs.

Solo and group exhibitions in the US and Europe include: Catherine Edelman Gallery (Chicago), The Griffin Museum (MA), Photographic Resource Center (Boston), Art Institute of Boston, Maryland Art Place (Baltimore), St. Gauden’s National Historic Site (Cornish, NH), The Cultural Center (Varigotti, Italy), Perspective Gallery (Evanston, IL), Interlochen Arts Academy (MI), the MIT Museum (Cambridge, MA) The Rey Center (Waterville Valley, NH), University of Massachusetts (Lowell), University of Texas (Austin), Institute of Contemporary Art (Portland, ME) and the National Gallery of Art in Kosovo. In 2005 Hegner received her MFA in Photography at Lesley University College of Art and Design (Cambridge, MA).

Eric Huebsch x M4 Factory
Huebsch & Miller x M4 Factory

Eric Huebsch

Eric is an American artist with a quirky but multi-disciplined approach. We brought in Eric Huebsch, a Los Angeles-based multi-media artist to spend the month of August with us. Under the charge of “DE-commoditization”, we asked him to create objects of art that showcased the medium, yet we only provided him obsolete materials and purgings to work with.

Eric agreed wholeheartedly to the project. Academically trained as a glassblower, his background working with glass, heat and the elements was extremely beneficial to exploring what was possible and creating in the medium of plastic.  After a few initial conversations, he showed up to our design and manufacturing house with plans of what he was going to create. However, after several weeks of working with the medium of plastic, he confessed he was struggling. He said, “Everything I thought I could do, failed. I had to surrender to the material, which completely took me in a different direction.”

In the spirit of trial, error, and perseverance, what he landed on was a collection of beautiful objects of art that not only highlighted the material but inspired other projects back home in LA. During our recap of the program, I asked if he would ever consider something like this again. “Absolutely,” he said. “As difficult as it was, I learned a great deal. Working with plastic inspired a whole new set of ideas. While failure is inevitable, it led to exploration and what is possible.”

Sustainability is more than a responsibility, it’s elevating human creativity to push what is possible to coexist, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of our inaugural Artist in Residency program.